Peace River Record Gazette

Peace River Record Gazette

The COVID-19 pandemic has significantly impacted our way of life – but what is important to realize is that for most of us living in the town of Peace River, life must go on. Juggling work, Zoom meetings, kids, school and caring for sick family members – are just the realities that most busy families […]

4/6/2021 11:00:34 PM

We were introduced to David Thompson in the most recent Ponderings. His story began with his birth April 30, 1770, in Westminster, England. Of humble beginnings, frail, and orphaned, he received his early education at Grey Coat Hospital, a strict boarding school “designed to educate poor children in piety and virtue”. In his early teens, […]

4/6/2021 8:58:53 AM

Later in the year during 2020, LaPrairie Group came together to raise $13,085 to donate to Peace River Salvation Army. This fundraiser was hosted digitally to adhere to COVID-19 social distancing requirements. LaPrairie group has an outstanding history of contributing donations to the Peace River Salvation Army and has generally done so through in-person silent […]

4/6/2021 8:52:24 AM

We learned of William Ogilvie and his carrying out the orders of his superior the Surveyor-General, July 1891, to survey the region drained by the Peace River and tributaries between the boundary of British Columbia and the Rocky Mountains and “collect any information that may be of value relating to that region”. It was largely […]

4/2/2021 12:13:48 PM

Rural Albertans in need of physiotherapy are now capable of receiving these specialized services in the comfort of their own communities. The University of Alberta has developed a high-tech development which allows patients to access specialists without commuting to larger centres, this is being done so virtually though “Tele-rehab 2.0”. Tele-rehab 2.0 was created at […]

4/2/2021 11:30:36 AM

George Mercer Dawson’s contribution to Peace Country history began in the most recent Ponderings. Sources suggest Dawson’s brilliance in systematic mapping provided a sound basis for understanding the geology and mineral resources of much of Northern and Western Canada. This offered reliable guidance to diverse industries, such as mining, ranching, agriculture and lumber. As well, […]

3/22/2021 3:23:53 PM

Town of Peace River Council members held their regular Town council meeting on Mar. 8. During this meeting, Council was presented with a request for decision on Community Peace Officer Policies. A request for decision regarding the Potable Water Service Bleeder Policy was also presented to Council members. A briefing note was discussed on the […]

3/16/2021 12:56:28 AM

Eleanor Ashworth about whom we have been learning has come a long way since her birth in the hamlet of Ardley, Red Deer County, in 1909, as the daughter of J.K. and Mrs. Eggenberger – one of 11 children. It is now September 1953 and an opportunity for the 44-year-old wife of Joseph Ashworth to […]

3/15/2021 7:05:14 PM